Volunteer Training Review

CFFWC Volunteer Training Review
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Why is volunteering important? What difference does it make? *
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Excellence is __________! It doesn't just happen! *
What is the purpose of the session/training? *
The topic of the training is: Knowing, Doing, Being. What do these mean in a deeper context? *
a. Knowing deals with __________. b. Doing deals with __________. c. Being deals with __________.
What possible feeling did Judas have after he was rebuked by Jesus? *
Choose as many as necessary.
Which of the following are things we must discern as volunteers? *
Choose as many as necessary.
Who is our example? *
-according to the recording
"You can be gifted, but not ___________." *
Fill in the blank.
Jesus said, "I did not come into the world to __________ people." I came to __________ them. *
As stated in the lesson. Select in correct order.
We should offer salvation as an alternative to judgement. *
What was the symbolism of Jesus taking off his garment and grabbing a towel when he prepared to wash his disciples' feet? *
Why did Jesus redress after he finished washing the disciples' feet? *
Name at least two things volunteers must KNOW. *
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How should we work when serving/volunteering for God? *
Based on lesson.
What one thing did our pastor ask of us as volunteers? *
Name at least two things volunteers must DO. *
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What is the relationship between doing and being? How are they related? *
Name at least two things volunteers must BE. *
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Being led of the Spirit means being _________ to Him (The Spirit). *
Based on the lesson.
Why is focus important in ministry? Particularly in your area of ministry. *
Choose all that apply.
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