We are thrilled that you are desiring to learn more about our community.  At The Fellowship our core purpose is to help individuals and their families come into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ by practicing and effectively communicating the Word of God.


Regardless of past or present circumstances, we understand the scriptures to teach that God desires a relationship with every person, and has a plan for every person’s life.


This is good news!  It means that God has a plan for you.

We confess that we’re not a perfect community.  While we strive to be a faithful representation of Jesus Christ, we acknowledge that we have faults and are in need of grace.  That is why we need Jesus!  The Fellowship is not a social club designed to make people feel better, but a community of people authentically seeking after God’s truth.  While all of us are at different places along the journey, all of us are heading to the same destination—the Cross of Christ.


We invite you to come and join us on our journey as we Celebrate, Connect, and Contribute all for the Glory of God.